Intersection of branding & service design

Brand Experience Design

Balancing out user and business needs

Martin Jordan and Christian Vatter are researching, publishing and speaking about how to integrate the concepts of brand and service design. While one concept manages expectations the other one manages experiences, we believe that the two should be addressed combined. Results of our work are approaches to manage the brand experience for the benefit of customers as well as for companies.


Brand Services

A user centric marketing tool

Traditional ways of marketing, especially interruption advertising, is more and more perceived as an annoyance. Marketing of the future needs to both create value for people AND promote business. Service Design regards usefulness, usability and desirability, whereas brand communication is mostly concerned with the promise and very little with its delivery. Combined, the two approaches add up to what we call Brand Services – a “give-away service” that addresses relevant user needs and at the same time conveys a brand message. Instead of just giving a promise Brand Service already deliver on it.


Service Design

From Image to Experience

The idea behind Cor­po­rate Ser­vice Design is rather sim­ple. The con­cept of cor­po­rate iden­tity con­sists of three pil­lars: cor­po­rate design, cor­po­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tion and cor­po­rate beha­vior. While the first two are well esta­blis­hed and com­monly prac­ticed, cor­po­rate beha­vior is hardly deli­be­ra­tely desi­gned. It mostly hap­pens on a „one-to-many“ level, think in terms of the beha­vior of a CEO in the media (e.g. Josef Acker­mann and the vic­tory sign or the adven­tures of Richard Bran­son), or the way a com­pany „acts“ like through a cor­po­rate CSR program.


The Experience Is The Message

Creating better brands through strategic touchpoint design

In a case study we evaluated the brand experience of top European airlines. Based on findings, we designed solutions to orchestrate and optimize touchpoints and create beneficial and brand-supporting experiences. Combining the user-centered design approach and the business-driven marketing technique, brand experiences are designed to both offer maximum value for the user and at the same time convey relevant brand messages and thus serve the business.

Contact & information

Christian Vatter & Martin Jordan

Exploring the interrelation of brand and service design

Christian Vatter is a brand experience consultant and a marketing psychologist. He develops companies through branding, communication strategy, and experience design.
   Martin Jordan helps businesses and organisations to create better user, brand and service experiences. Currently he works as a senior user experience designer for Nokia’s HERE unit and connects service innovators at Service Design Berlin.

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